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Chain of Custody – How to Submit a Sample for Lab Analysis

Complete and include with your samples

Clients are required to complete and submit a Chain of Custody form specifying the analyses required and sample descriptions. The Chain of Custody – Asbestos form gives Fisher Labs the authorization to proceed with analytical work. Click on the link on the left side of this page to download the Chain of Custody – Asbestos form. If you have any questions on how to complete the Chain of Custody – Asbestos form, just call or email us.

How to complete a Chain of Custody form

Step #1 - Client / Project Information

Chain of Custody - Step #1

Client Information– Enter your contact information including company, contact name, address and phone number. Circle “fax” or “email” to indicate how you would like to receive your lab results - enter the appropriate fax number or email address.

Project information– Enter any applicable information on the project including the name of the person who took the sample.

Step #2 – Turnaround Time and Billing Information

Chain of Custody - Step #2

Turnaround Time– Below the Project Information box in the middle of the page, enter your requested Turnaround Time to receive the lab results by circling either: “Standard” (5 – 7 days), “Semi-Rush” (48 hours), “Rush” (24 hours) or “Same Day.” Note: surcharges apply for expedited Turnaround Times. Some analytical tests require up to 5 days to complete. Contact us for more details.

Billing Information– If applicable, enter your company’s purchase order number. If you are paying by MasterCard or VISA, enter your card number, CVV (from the back of your card) and expiry date. If you are paying by cash or cheque please indicate by writing “cash” or “cheque.”

Step #3 – Sample Information

Chain of Custody - Step #3

Client’s Sample ID and Description– Enter your sample ID (if applicable) and sample description – the location sample was taken. Eg. “bedroom” or “borehole #3.”

Sample Date and Time– Enter the date and time you took the sample.

Sample Matrix– Eg. “soil,” “groundwater,” “insulation,” “paint,” “bulk.”

Container # and Type– If you are submitting multiple samples number each container. Container types are typically “bottle” or “bag.”

TAT (Turnaround Time)– If you are submitting multiple samples and require different TAT’s please indicate here.

Analysis Required– Check box or write in the type of analysis required.

Notes– Enter if applicable.

Step #4 – Relinquishment and Other Requirements

Chain of Custody - Step #4

Relinquished by– The person who is submitting the sample completes this section.

Client Comments– Enter any applicable information here.

Regulatory Requirements– If applicable, complete.

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Click here to download the Chain of Custody Form (PDF)

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